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Thought I would share little info about myself, but there's really not much to hang on the wall as far as qualifications go for this gig.. I don't have a college degree to mention, can't think of any awards I've received that would amount to much of anything.. I don’t have any credentials in journalism, photography or website design, don't know much about marketing, can't type and I'm having hard time being a salesman...Building this website seemed easy enough when I came up with the idea, but it hasn't turned out that way.. About all I have to rely on, is a love for these quarter horses and the commitment I’ve made to breeding and racing my own.. If you've spent much time around race tracks and sale barns over the last 30 years or so, chances are you've seen me hanging out around a saddling paddock or sale ring ..And I'm gonna have to admit here, that I've probably been more successful at being a fan of racing, than i have been at actually winning races..Through the years I have managed to breed a few race winners, no names any of you would likely recognize, but I’m working on that too…I guess on the top of my list , would be to show up with my horse, outrun the best horses on the track and leave out with everybody scratchin their heads and wondering?..Who the hell was that!.. I've split my time between taking care of things here on the farm, raising 2 kids and trying to put together a small band of broodmare’s while holding down a full time job to pay the bills.. Now, I've thrown in running a website in my spare time..I probably should mention here, that we are in no way trying to compete with the established news sources out there..What we're after here, is to become a spot in the road that you'll want to visit on your way through and hopefully offer a few thoughts of your own.....That's about it for now I guess, other than I would sure welcome any comments or even stories and pictures you would like to share.. Just send them in and we'll try to find a place for 'em… Thanks for stopping by, see you on your way back thru…Stretch